Please enjoy a small selection of recent commissioned and personal projects.

Diceborn Heroes

Diceborn Heroes is a boardgame that I was hired to illustrate in 2016, and has remained an ongoing project following the Kickstarter campaign's great success. Visit the website.

Spirits of the Northern Lights

This reflective and unique children's book was written by Edmonton author Skye Durocher and published by Friesen Press in 2018. I created the illustrations and interior design. Visit the publisher

Lesser Beasts

I wrote and illustrated this 70-page graphic novel in 2016 as a part of a Saskatchewan Arts Board Grant. It follows the wordless journey of a young girl through the world of animal spirits.

Fever Dream

This 45-panel narrative installation was displayed in 2015 as a part of the 'Uncanny Valley' exhibit at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan. It follows the journey of a nameless protagonist through a surreal watercolor world